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Mirimiri with  Teena Te Maro  Rongoā Māori Practitioner

Release, Relax, Unwind

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Manaaki Tangata Consultants

Heal the Natural Way

Welcome to our Traditional Māori Healing services! Our mirimiri and romiromi techniques are designed to provide holistic healing and maintain a well-balanced life for you and your family.

Our Rongoā Rākau products are made from natural organic ingredients, essential oils, and New Zealand native plants. Whether you're looking for a deep tissue massage to soothe tight muscles or a relaxation massage to relieve stress and anxiety, we've got you covered. Book your appointment today and experience the benefits of our Traditional Māori Healing techniques.

Rongoā Māori is a traditional healing practice that is deeply rooted in the cultural knowledge and customs of the Māori, known as Matauranga Tikanga. It encompasses a range of culturally-specific responses to address the root causes of ill health, including the use of native plants (rongoā rākau), massage (mirimiri/romiromi), talking, (waiata) singing, and prayer (karakia).

ACC have implemented Rongoā Māori services for the Health and Disability sector. There is a growing recognition of the important role that traditional healing plays in mainstream healthcare, and discussions have been ongoing with Rongoā Whānau, Māori Health Providers, and Iwi to explore the integration of traditional healing with mainstream services.

Ko te aroha, te rangimarie me te atawhai te taonga nui ki te tangata me koe ano...

"Love, peace and kindness is the greatest gift to people and yourself"




Monday to Friday: 10am to 6.30pm

Saturday: 8am to 1pm

Phone: 0274 514 596

About Me
Vicky Rameka_edited.jpg

Giovanni Toimata

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri
Rehabilitation Coach

Teena Te Maro

Kaiwhakahaere Pakihi
Rongoā Māori Mirimiri Clinician

Vicky Rameka

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri

Mamae Cooper.jpg

Mamae Cooper

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri

Becks Hollis.jpg

Rebecca Hollis-Walker

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri

Marina Pahuru_edited.jpg

Marina Pahuru

Rongoā Māori

Kathy Keelan_edited.jpg

Kathy Keelan

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri

Approved ACC Rongoā Māori Practitioner

Registered Massage NZ/AUS Therapist

Rongoā Māori Partnership with:

Telus Health

NZ Royal Commission

Southern Cross Healthcare Insurance


Kiri Whare-Cullen

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri



Kaa Te Mihi

Rongoā Maori Kaimirimiri


Rongoā Maori

Holistic Way of Life

Teena is a experienced Rongoā Māori Kaimirimiri who has devoted her career to the healing and education of her clients and their families. Her approach is grounded in the principles of self-awareness and the transformative power of belief.

Guided by her mentors and ancestral wisdom (tipuna whakaaro nui), Teena is committed to preserving and disseminating the knowledge (Matauranga Tikanga) of Rongoā Māori. If you or your loved ones require revitalization, and healing, contact Teena and her kaimahi.

Sports Massage.jpg

Rejuvenation Sportspeople

Rongoā Māori and Romi Romi are recognized as effective methods for aiding athletes in their recovery from intense exercise or as a treatment option when performing a combination of traditional and clinical rehabilitation. These techniques involve the manipulation of the body's soft tissues and the targeting of specific muscle groups, depending on the sport and the athlete's level of fitness. They are utilized to help prepare athletes for competition, enhance athletic performance, and facilitate recovery after exercise or competition. Additionally, they can serve as an intervention for sports-related musculoskeletal injuries.

"Give Back to Yourself"

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MIRIMIRI (1 hour)
ACC or Southern Cross Healthcare Approved
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RONGOĀ MAORI - We will come to you
(if you cannot come to us)
Back view of young Asian handicapped teenage boy without legs sitting on wheel chair and l
Prenatal Portrait
Manaaki Tangata Kaimirimiri will travel overseas


18 Claudelands Road,

Hamilton East

Hamilton, New Zealand 3216

59 Moana Road


Gisborne, New Zealand 4010

Phone: 0274 514 596


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